Credit Card & Debit Card work now!!
Also accept using paypal to pay on Superbuy(agent website)! Details
Other payment method:
BoA or Zelle TransferPaySend/Transferwise
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Where are you based?
We are based in China.

How’s the clothing sizing like?
All brands except Bape is US sizing, if you order Bape, please choose one size up.

Does clothing come with tags?
Yes, all the products are with tags. Details are 1:1.

Where do you ship to?
We ship all of our goods worldwide. We use well known international carriers that provide tracking to ensure your order gets to you securely. This tracking number will be sent to you via email when we ship your order out.

How long will shipping take?
If you have chosen standard shipping, it will take approx 9-18 days after shipped. For express shipping, you can expect it in approx 5-8 days once shipped.

When will my order ship?

Once your order is placed, allow us 2-3 days to pack and ship out your order. Occasionally, orders might get delayed when we experience high volume of orders coming in. We do our best to ship as soon as possible. During delays, orders can take up to 5 days to ship. It will be worth the wait!

How can I get my tracking number?
All packages come with a tracking number. We will email you the tracking number 2-3 days after your package ships. Do not worry as all packages are insured and are guaranteed for.

Can I get a special discount for doing a big order?
Yes! You can get promo code here.

Do you guys do bulk orders?
Yes we do. Extra discounts are given for bulk purchases. Please contact us if you are keen.

My card keeps getting declined!
Some customers might face credit card payment issues. This is easily settled as soon as you give a quick call to your bank. If you still face issues, please contact us. Visa card is not avaliable for now, we can accept Visa Card after March.

Payment Failed Reason:
1.[No suficient funds in card]: Please make sure that there is suficient fund in your card before paying.
2.[CVV CODE]:CVV code of your credit card must be right when paying.
3.[BILLING ADDRESS]: Billing address must be same as the one you registered in bank.
4.[SHIPPING ADDRESS]: If shipping address is same as the billing address, payment success rate will be higher.
5.[IP ADDRESS, NO VPN]: If you are using a VPN, please cancel it, because credit card company might consider your card was stolen.

1. please pay again after 4-5 hours or on another day, or try [CREDIT CARD PAYMENT 1,2 or 3 ]
2.If payment still falied, please use cash way: [Money Gram], or [bank transfer(We can do extra 10% OFF)].
3.Paypal is also accepted, but it only can be used thru agent website, it's convenient and safe. Click to check details.


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