VISA CARD payment is not very steady, payment might fails if using VISA CARD.
We can accept BoA or Zelle Transfer for US customer, and Europe Bank Transfer, 10% off for this way now!
Also other customer can use Superbuy(agent website) to pay via paypal! Details

Cooperation Review

How to be our cooperation parterner ?

Cooperation paterner: Whom share and promote our products on your INS/FB/Youtube can have privilege to get our discounted products.

1.Follow our Fackbook/YouTube/Instagram account, and through our assessment, then you will get a 10% off coupon. (If your account has 5000+ followers can have 15-20% off discount) After receiving the items, you need to review and post it with our website link( below.
2.If your video views are more than 2000, you can be our cooperation partner, and during this cooperation time, you can get 50% discount. But you still need to make a review of the item which you buy every time.
3.If your video views are more than 5000, you will become our gold partner. 
After you become gold partner, every month you can choose a free item, but you also need to make a review of it with our website link or product link. In the meantime, you can enjoy 20% off discount during our cooperation time.
3.As a gold partner, we will give you a promotion (review) task each month, promote our activities or products. If we want you to promote an item, we will send it to you for free!
4.Cooperation time is 6 months, we will make a assessment every 6 months. If you don't promote(review) our item after you receive it(except the product which using 20% off discount for yourself) or the vedio doesn't meet our requirements, cooperation will end. If you have any doubts, please contact our customer service.

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