Hello, AMP world. Debit Card & Credit Card (Recommended),Member
New Payment Channel open, all Credit Card & Debit Card work now!!
Also you can use Superbuy(agent website) to pay via paypal! Details
Other payment method:
BoA or Zelle TransferEurope Bank Transfer, Transferwise

Debit Card & Credit Card (Recommended)

  Tee-bee.co is our official website which can solve the payment issue of TEE-BEE.NET, which known that tee-bee.net recently hardly can't take payment of Credit Card and Debit Card, so we designed a new payment channel to aceept Credit Card and Debit Card with high success rate!

How to use?
   Step 1.In this Check Out page, click the "Place your order"(on TEE-BEE.NET) at bottom, then you will go to payment page, but don't pay it. Now you have an order without payment. (If you already have an PAYMENT WRONG ORDER you can go to STEP 2 directly)

   Step 2.
Click this LINK which leads you to our new payment website page(TEE-BEE.CO).
   Step 3. If your order amount on TEE-BEE.NET is $151.6, you need to fill in quantity of 151 on new payment page(TEE-BEE.CO), then you can finish the next steps.

  Step 4. After finishing payment on TEE-BEE.CO, we will confirm your order of TEE-BEE.NET soon.

If you have any problem, please contact with us!
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