Jan.8th-15th: All The Orders Money Reward!,News
Credit Card & Debit Card work now!!
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Jan.8th-15th: All The Orders Money Reward!

Hot to get: All the orders placed during Jan.8th to Jan.15,th, will get money reward as same order amount which you have bought this money reward will be placed on the “TeeBee Card” account as balance. 

For example.If you spend $500(product value, without shipping) during this promotion. You can get the items you bought for free,and $500 money reward will be sent to your Teebee Card. The $500 can be used anytime to order during March 1,2019 to Jan 10, 2020.
How to use This balance can be used for your future ordering(details click).
TeeBee Card: Your Cash Account of Tee-Bee.Net.
Period of validity: March 1st ,2019 to Jan 10th, 2020
Why this time? Because there will be a long holiday of Chinese New Year, and we cant ship before March 1st.

Term of use: 1.Teebee Card Balance is available for all the order amount including shipping fee.
TeeBee Card can only be used for original price products(Flash Sale products/Lucy Bag/Discounted products/Coupons cant be included)

Ps:1.Any consumption of TeeBee Card will get confirmation e-mail of balance change.
2.All the balance change e-mail will be sent after this promotion(15th), so that we can collect statistics  accurately.
   3.Shipping Fee amount will not be caculated in Reward Amount.
4.If you order through taobao agent website Superbuy.com, please remark in this order your email address which login tee-bee.net, so that we can send money reward to your account on tee-bee.net. 
Extra Reward:
1.TOP1 Order paid can get full refund to paypal account, also will get 5 time the price of money reward in Teebee Card.
2.TOP2 Order paid can get 3 time the price of money reward in Teebee Card.
3.TOP3 Order paid can get 2 time the price of money reward in Teebee Card.
4.The first 5 orders each day on tee-bee.net will give double reward in Teebee Card.

5.Any order during Jan.8th to Jan.15th can get a free accessory.
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