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Overview of Teebee Affiliates

●What is Affiliate?

There is a link in teebee "Make Money" system, each of your friend who join us via your referral link will get 10% off coupon. If they complete any order, you will also get 10% of order amount as your commission.



●Who are Teebee Affiliates?

  Individuals or business partner who promote through the Teebee Affiliates marketing system.

How to become Teebee Affiliates
   The user sign up on Tee-bee.net and directly click "Make Money" on the individual center. There are a referral link for you. Also you can "Click the buttons" in system share to social media(Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/Google+).

What can Teebee Affiliates get
    The affiliate may have opportunities to get bonuses if there are some people made order thorugh your promote link.

●How should I share this referral link?
  You can share to friends, families, coworkers, and groups via all public platforms


★User Guide:

Step 1.Click “Make money” in member page. (If you are not our member please register firstly)

Step 2.Share referral link to your social media. Also there is a direct button linked to social media if using PC to login. 

Step 3.Click "My Distributor" check your commission and number of people who join us via your referral link.

Step 4.Click "Withdraw" to get your commission through paypal or get coupon.  

●You can withdraw money through paypal, also if you choose getting our coupon as commission, you can
get extra 10%. For example, if your commission is $100, you can get $110 coupon back which can be used on tee-bee.net.

●Individual Example:

●Business Partner Example:

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