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Paysend / Transferwise

   You can send payment through PaySend or Transferwise to us, this 2 way is very simple and safe. Here is description how to use below.



  You can use Transferwise APP(Download in Appstore or Google)  or Website to make transfer. Transferwise is safe and easy way to send money abroad, also very Trusted all over the World.  Almost support 95% banks in your country.(Working Same as paysend)

STEP 1: Go to
    Choose the currency you using, enter amount, then choose "Recipient gets" to CNY(Chinese Yuan)

STEP 2: Sending to "Some one Else". Enter recipient info

Name of recipient: Yunxiang Fan
Country: China
Address: #89 Yingchun Road
Post Code: 315000
City: Ningbo
Recipient's Bank Details(UnionPay Card Number): 6227001591360248603*if required)

STEP3: Contact us when your fund succeed.





PaySend is Simple, Low-cost($2 fee), FastSecure

    PaySend made international money transfers as simple as ordering a taxi or a pizza through an app. With PaySend you can transfer money from your card to our card in more than 70 countries 24/7. All your need to know is the recipient’s name and a 16-digit card number. Take a minute to register through our website or a mobile app, add your card as a source of funds and started sending money around the globe in an instant - all in a few clicks. We help you save time and money by beating the queues in the banks.


STEP 1: Enter your order amount.

STEP 2: There are 2 methods, both is ok, Just choose which you like.

a) Choose PaySend Link, enter our recipient details.

Recipient Details: 
Phone Number:+8615958818889
Comment: (Your order number)

b)Choose Transfer to account, enter(copy) recipient details.

Recipient Details: 
Card Number
: 6227001591360248603
First Name: 云翔
Last Name:

STEP 3. Confirm your transaction. Then we will get your payment in 24 hours! Please contact us after payment!



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