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● Teebee welcomes all kinds of Youtube Review. If you do a video review of our products that you bought (unpacking, quality control or promotion, etc.), you can get a Cashback of $3 ~ $5 dollars (PayPal or credit card).
● Please send us your video link, if you have the potential to make a good review, you can become our cooperation partner and get more discounts.


Teebee / UNHS Administrator - Edwin wants to say something: “So far I have been managing this website for 7 years, because we are not as famous as selling the best Sup representatives, over time, more and more hyper with pleasure make purchases on our website, I think the reason our client accepts us is that the advertising market is not very friendly for teenagers at present, many students or teenagers cannot get clothes at an affordable price, so we create this business. On the one hand, we really made money from this business, but more importantly, we have built a lot of friendships and relationships with our customers, they can get quality goods at an affordable price. We can get a lot of customer reviews on IG, Facebook or YouTube, we can feel their happiness, also their happiness is the strength of our company, I say that because I can get some bad comments or messages from haters on the Internet, they slander us for no reason. They make fun of us, don’t even have to buy something from ours since they have torn, they tell us scammers or credit card scammers clients. I must say that over the past 7 years we have received more than 100,000 orders, and more than 180,000 customers around the world have become our members. Therefore, I do not care what these haters do and say, the only thing I need is to do things of better quality and better serve my customers. And I really appreciate the support of all my clients, I hope you guys can learn more about us and trust us, thank you! "

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